About the Artist

After a successful career performing on Broadway, Chandra made the decision to step out of the limelight. It was freeing. She could do anything she wanted with her days, her nights, her time. But without expressing creativity on stage, she felt an absence.


Chandra needed a new artistic outlet.


On a trip to Cuba in 2019, Chandra marveled at the creativity and ingenuity Cuban artists exhibited by making art out of any and everything they found. She wanted to create in that way, using discarded items, trashed items, items that would end up in a landfill or the ocean, and breathe new life into them. In early 2019, Chandra founded Antique Botanicals in her backyard.

She currently has hundreds of plants in her workshop and is often covered in soil or sawdust of some kind,  SHE LOVES IT.

"Working with plants is very meaningful.  I respect them and find beauty in everything about them. Bringing life to homes, events, and lives through plants and arrangements brings me the greatest joy."

-Chandra lee Breslow

Owner and Plant Lady